"My husband had pt here for both knee replacements..His pt therapist Carly did an amazing job guiding him through the healing process .Mary took care of our ins and schedule expertly in a welcoming atmosphere. We greatly appreciate Jacks help in the gym also. All have been exceptional staff members." Diane G

"My wife and I have had excellent experiences with your physical therapy team. We have used your services for a number of ailments, including hip replacement therapy, back issues, and tennis/golf elbow. The thing we like about Proactive is that your therapists spend time with you, not just provide perfunctory therapy.   A special shout out to Colleen and Karly. Dedicated and caring professionals."   Tom T

"Hello all, I'm 62 years old and have left very few reviews in my life about anything but I'm moved to do this about this extraordinary group of people who absolutely treat you as family. in most pt places i have went you kind of feel like a number in my experience NOT PRO ACTIVE CARE!! , i just had left hip replacement( 3.5 weeks) on top of bad back and i feel so much better from the care I receive and personal plan they have for me. to all staff and especially my PT HERO'S Colleen and Karly !!! I say thank you, anyone who goes to this PT establishment will be thrilled with it, I recommend it 100% to all your experience will be 2nd to none!! all the best."  JAY 

"This has been the best therapeutic experience and outcome I have ever experienced.  I have previously attended three other facilities for other needs.  Since attending this facility I have been amazed and appreciative at the level of organization, empathy, dedication, expertise, and attention to detail every person has carried out in their areas of responsibility."  Craig W

 "Best physical therapy place. I have been going here for several years. I have several ongoing issues. The staff are caring and takes their time with you. They treat one patient at a time. It is immaculate." Lori H

"My experience here has been life changing.  When I started a few months ago, I was in severe pain and my daily activities were severely limited.  Now, I feel like I've gotten my life back!  I can do all the activities I had previously been unable to do."  Jennifer F


"Donna Miller...one of the most talented PT's I know. Her hands on skills are unreal, and her compassion and understanding of the injury and rehab process are unsurpassed. Im a PT and I choose ProActive Care!" Trevor W

"My experience at ProActive Care has been such a positive one.  I didn't know what manual therapy was before coming here and it's a shame more people aren't aware of it when they are in need of Physical Therapy.  I would highly recommend ProActive Care to anyone in need of Physical Therapy."  Elizabeth R

" My physical therapy has been completed, I must say that all the therapists and aids have been outstanding in their help to make me feel very comfortable. The entire staff was very accomodating and supportive throughout my treatment and the improvement of my condition has been very favorable with great results." Erica S

"Joanna is great and very knowledgeable. The whole staff is really nice and helpful. You get one on one care from the PT which you don't find in many places." Michelle V

"The care provided to me has been outstanding.  Each exercise was explained completely and the exercises were selected with my individual case in mind.  This facility is extremely professional.  The entire staff is caring and helpful."  Sallie D


"You helped me achieve a quality of life I thought I would never have -- simply priceless!  Thank you!"  Mike R

"Thank you so much for providing such quality PT services and for being so kind and caring.  The facility is great!  I would recommend your practice to anyone."  Jeannine U


"Our experience has been outstanding.  We have been to other physical therapists and facilities, so we feel we are more than capable to compare.  You are leaps and bounds above in quality and care and warmth from any others we have experienced."  Harry and Linda H


"My overall impression of the facility is definitely one of excellence.  I have recommended ProActive Care PT to several friends who feel exactly as I do.  What higher recommendation could I give?"  Cathy F 


"I had excellent care!  I am feeling better with improved range of motion and less pain.  The facility is cheerful, clean, spacious and useful.  I am extremely pleaased with the whole PT experience.  Thank you!"  Roy C


"The entire staff provided an extremely warm, caring atmosphere.  I never felt rushed, they always took whatever time necessary to make sure both my onsite treatment and at home programs were complete and understood.  By far the best healthcare related experience I've ever had"  Mike G


"Only positive things to say.  Great "hands-on" care in spacious and well-equipped facility and highly professional attitudes.  I've made excellent progress beyond my expectations in relatively short time."  Pete H


"I was extremely satisfied with my recent therapy.  Having 30 minutes of indivudual attention in a private room is so beneficial.  The manual therapy approach allowed the treatment to be specific and constantly adapted as I progressed towards more mobility and less pain."  Cathleen G


"The staff here are very friendly and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of Physical Therapy!" Jason D


"After completing my physical therapy, I feel I've greatly improved in strength & flexibility.  I would definitely recommend your services to family and friends.  Thank you for helping me feel better."  Regina M


“I couldn’t have done it without you!  From the deep tissue massage, to the core exercises on the ball (my personal favorite!!), to the smiles and help from the staff and the many fun conversations spoken back and forth during therapy, I thank you!” Maryann C 


"Everyone at ProActive Care is very positive and warm as well as knowledgeable.  I immediately felt better and continued to improve my mobility throughout my remaining visits." Kathleen S


"Everyone here cares and really knows what they're doing.  They really invest in each person their geniune care for your improvement.  Personally my improvement in function has improved dramatically, because of the proper treatment that's been given to me in just a short time here.  The facility itself as well as the people is truly professional." Erik O


"ProActive Care Physical Therapy has been instrumental in my healing process.  The therapists are very well versed in their profession and I feel completely at ease with them.  Their knowledge and skills have expedited my recovery.  I have been to other types of  PT offices and am delighted to be seen on time, to be seen for a full 30 minutes, and NOW I KNOW what MANUAL THERAPY is; and it’s great! Thanks for a 'hands on' job! ProActive Care Physical Therapy really is the best!" Francine P


"My physical therapy was consistently effective, progressing nicely from visit to visit - mobility increased, range of motion increased, pain decreased to almost zero.  Overall Outstanding!" Leroy M


"My function of overall movement when coming in to leaving is like night to day.  They do a great job overall to making you feel better." Joe V